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Anti Aging Face & Body

Spa Packages

Zen Spa Journey 2 Hours

$ 325 Per session
  • Spa Packages start with Aromatherapy Massage that melts away the stress and tension. Followed by a Facial leaving your skin glowing, toned and kissable soft.

Inner Balance Spa Package 2 hours for

$ 390 Per session
  • Spa Packages begins with gentle body exfoliation using Dry Brush to remove dead skin and prompt lymph circulation. Followed with Inner Balance Massage for relaxing of the entire body. Indulge yourself in a soothing body wrap, and at the mean time have a deep pore cleansing Facial. with luxury get a Collagen ultra-sound to deeply hydrate and firm the skin

Power of Gold 2.5 hour

$ 395 Per session
  • BODY: The treatment begins with IONIC Brush eliminating dead skin cells and toxins. The pure 24 carat gold leaf is mixed with body oil massage and gold wrap which leaves your skin soft and glowing.
  • FACIAL: Using Pure Gold infusion and anti-aging peptide to help minimize lines and wrinkles, delivering fresh hydrating skin.
  • Scientific findings about the medicinal action of gold were the inspiration for this Power of Gold Royal Spa Treatment!

Recovery Spa Package 2 Hour

$ 325 Per session
  • Recovery Body using precisely blended essential oils gentle massage of your body releases tension and improves the energy flow.
  • Recovery Facial will help protect your skin’s DNA and supports its natural regeneration.

Longevity Ritual Spa Package 2.5 Hours

$ 375 Per session
  • The Ritual Begins with a Soothing massage to energize the body, opening up energy pathways, improving circulation, stimulating nerve function and boosting the immune system. Followed by body wrap in a hyaluron and Shea Butter infusion. Meanwhile have a Facial to bring out the natural health and radiance of your skin, and protect you from environmental damage.

Down to Earth Aromatic Chocolate Therapy (2.5 Hours)

$ 350 Per session
  • Chocolate butter massage gives deep relaxation, hydrating and nourishing experience.
  • Chocolate Facial is a skin wake-up treatment, getting rid of puffiness of your face and gives you countering results.
  • Chocolate Hand Ritual – Pure Pampering for your hands conditioned with aroma-therapeutic oils that smooth and soften rough skin.

Resolution Packages (2 hours)

$ 350 Per session
  • DETOX SHAPE UP – Resolutions can be made all year round. Whether you have resolved to lose weight, cut back on drinking, quit smoking, or reduce stress, we have a package that is sure to kick-start your lifestyle change.
  • DETOXIFY: Yin Detoxify w/ Lymphatic Drainage Massage: inducing relaxation and flushing out toxins and excess fluids to purify the body as well as improve skin tone. Aroma Essence Facial w/ Lymphatic Drainage: Aromatherapy facial utilizes lymphatic drainage to help purify, calm and soothe the skin.
  • SHAPE UP: Slimming Treatment w/ Lymphatic Drainage: Eliminates toxins and burns fat, while improving blood circulation, improves lymphatic circulation. Flushing out toxins and excess fluids, resulting in a slimmer, smoother and more firm body. Face Contouring: Removes impurities, stimulates circulation and contours the face.


$ 350 Per session
  • Enjoy 2 hours of Facial and Massage. Gift certificates are available.


$ 350 Per session
  • Feng Shui spa package 2 hours 30 minutes. Indulge in a pampering session crafted specifically for diligent individuals like yourself who truly deserve a break from everyday life and a touch of tranquility. Begin your exquisite treatment with our renowned full-body dry brush exfoliation, meticulously designed to revitalize your senses. This is followed by a soothing full-body relaxation massage, expertly tailored to release any lingering stress and tension. Next, experience the bliss of a hydrating body cocoon, enveloping your skin in luxurious moisture and leaving it irresistibly supple and velvety-smooth. Finally, revel in the transformative effects of our Glow Facial, which will enhance your complexion, making it appear smoother, more luminous, and infused with vibrant vitality.


$ 450 Per session
  • Power of Gold Royal Regenerating/Body Treatment & Facial 3 Hour. Ceremony of gold massage, Body wrap and Facial. GOLD is the symbol for well-being, strength and warmth. Gold massages are done with 24-karat gold. This treatment strengthens the skin’s immune system, lowers stress while restoring vitality, thanks to a pleasant and relaxing experience. After the golden massage, the skin gains a sparkling look, giving it a visibly shiny glow.

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