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Why The Importance of Getting Facial in Summer?

summer facial

Summer is here, and so is the need for extra care for our skin. Getting a facial during this season is essential for several reasons: Hydration: Combat dryness caused by the summer heat and maintain a healthy moisture balance. Sun Damage Repair: Treat and prevent sunspots and pigmentation caused by UV rays. Deep Cleansing: Clear […]

Father’s Day Spa Package

father's day spa package

Surprise your father with a unique Father’s Day Spa package  gift that will truly stand out! We strongly believe that men also deserve some well-deserved “me” time, and what better way to express your care and appreciation than by presenting him with a Complexions Gift Card this Father’s Day? Why is a Complexions Father’s Day […]

The Best Facials for Anti-Aging & Stop Wrinkles.

the best facial for anti aging & wrinkle

Many of us aspire to maintain a youthful, firm, and wrinkle-free complexion. A facial treatment is an excellent non-invasive approach to achieve this goal. However, which anti-aging facial is the most effective today? If you are looking to refresh your skin and eliminate wrinkles, continue reading to discover the top facial treatments for aging skin. […]

How Much Do Facials Cost?

facial NYC

Average Cost for Facials  How much does a facial cost? In NYC, the majority of customer pay $165 for a pore-clearing or basic skin glow facial. However, pricing can range from $165 to over $300, depending on the specific needs of the customer. The cost is determined by the products used on your skin, with […]